Busy busy busy!

So, long time no see. I thought I should probably do a post to explain where I’ve been for the last month, and then hopefully try and get back on track with more regular posts soon…? Maybe?

Most of my time recently has been taken up by work. This is the first time in my life that I’ve had a full time job and it’s been slightly difficult adjusting to the lack of free time. Also, my job isn’t exactly the standard 9-5; it involves residential stints in the middle of nowhere with no signal, never mind wifi! However, I am having the time of my life and loving every minute of it so the lack of down time is definitely worth it.

A few weeks ago I went to the Just V Show in Olympia, London with a friend. It was a day filled with vegan food and other goodness, and lots of education such as learning about palm oil and the range of alternative products and snacks available to vegans! We also visited Camden Market/ Lock as my friend had never been, unfortunately we visited on the evening of the fire, although we were home by the time it occurred! My favourite part of the day was definitely eating loads of vegan cakes such as a salted caramel brownie and some red velvet cake.

Last weekend (August 5th) I attended Brighton Pride for the first time, which seems slightly crazy as I have lived within half an hours drive of Brighton for my whole life! I went with a group of people from work and also met my long distance friend who I haven’t seen since March so that was fab. The only way I can describe Pride is ‘the most Brighton I have ever seen Brighton’. It was a day of rainbows, glitter, partying and friendliness. I can see why they call it Pride, as the whole city and everyone there was in their element, being proud of who they were and what they stood for. It was definitely a day to remember and I’m so happy I was able to attend on the 50th year since homosexuality was decriminalised.

I didn’t purchase tickets to any of the organised events, instead just watching the parade and enjoying the party atmosphere for the rest of the day. Although the weather wasn’t the best (see picture) it meant we were lucky enough to get a double rainbow later on in the day!

pride rainbowbton pride

The next day, I got to help my friend and her mum run a vegan food stall at a local animal sanctuary‘s open day! We had a stall selling nut roast, bean pasties, rainbow salad and a whole selection of cakes, all made by my friend’s mum. It was such a fun day and we had the best time talking to customers about veganism and hearing about their experience with it or vegetarianism, and being able to answer their questions.Snapchat-963098857 It was slightly sad that we were the only vegan options there, and other stalls included burgers and hot dogs- when the sanctuary included multiple rescued pigs!! However it was made up for with how many people enthused about having a vegan food option available, so hopefully things will start changing in the future! We had such an amazing experience and reception and discussed doing a stand at other events in the future.

Other than this, I’ve spent my time catching up with friends, seeing my family, trying to get enough sleep and trying to maintain a nutritionally balanced diet while I can!

I have some other blog posts waiting to be written, but let me know if there’s anything else you would like me to write about in the meantime!




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