About me

Hi, and welcome to my blog!

In summer of 2017 I made the decision to turn down a job offer, and instead take a gap year after finishing school. This decision was the best one of my life and I have completely fallen in love with the world of travel. In one year I was able to cross 7 countries off my bucket list and in the future I hope to visit even more. Travel blogging is something that I kind of fell into, as it was an easy way to share my adventures with friends and family and also keep a sort of internet diary for myself!

So who am I?

Millie Dowling

My name is Amelia, but I’ve gone by Millie since I was 11. I am 22 years old and currently live in Hampshire, England. When I’m home my interests include reading, hiking, climbing, surfing, and cooking. I’m passionate about veganism, the environment and public health- so you can expect to see posts about some of these topics!

I’m currently at university (about to start my third year) studying Cardiac Physiology which I am loving. I am vice-president of my universities Zumba society and also an advanced first aider with St John Ambulance.

I’m also a crazy dog lady. My friends all laugh at me for having to stop and say hello to EVERY single dog I meet when out and about. I’m a proud dog mummy to Aurora (or Rosie, or Rory, or Ro), my Tibetan terrier x collie.


I went vegan in March 2017 and there’s no going back for me! I love trying vegan food in different places, especially places where you might not expect to find any! I hope I can use this blog as a platform to promote a vegan lifestyle, and offer advice to anyone looking to transition to a more compassionate, sustainable way of living.

I’m not entirely sure yet where this blog will take me, but have a look around, and I hope you enjoy:)

Millie xox

You can also find me on Instagram at @ameliacdowling