The North Coast 500- Part 2

Time for part two! The first part of mine and my mum’s NC500 campervan adventure finished in Clachtoll, at the top of the West coast of Scotland. This time we start heading East along the North coast, before turning South to return to Inverness…

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The North Coast 500- Part 1

I’m back again! Life really comes at you fast, doesn’t it? One minute I was sat in my halls writing a very delayed post about surviving freshers week, the next we were all sent home due to a cheeky pandemic and I was out volunteering on the frontlines. However this post isn’t about that, it’s about my most recent travel adventure now that lockdown restrictions are easing! Me and mum had booked a while ago to visit Scotland and hire a campervan but only managed to actually go in early August, about six months later than planned. We had the best time driving the NC500, read on to find out more…

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Pre Departure Checklist for Long Term Travel

So I actually wrote this before I left home but ran out of time to post it… A week ago I said goodbye to England for almost 4 MONTHS and am now on the East Coast of America for a summer working at camp! This trip will be almost twice the length of my previous longest so I’ve had to put in a little more planning and preparation to make sure I’m completely ready to go (and then start uni 8 days after I get home…) (we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it). Here is my probably incomplete list of everything to do before you leave for summer camp or for other long term travel! Continue reading

Being vegan at PGL

If you live in the UK (or France) you have probably heard of PGL. This chain of adventure holiday sites is best known for residentials for school trips and young children, although I visited a site last week as staff for work. I wanted to share my experience with being a vegan at PGL so that it can hopefully help someone else!

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