What I eat in a day: 6 months vegan edition

So once again it’s been too long since I last posted, sorry! Hopefully my life should start settling down into a routine again soon enough…

Today I decided to do a post honouring a special day- my 6 month veganniversary! Yep, it’s been a whole half a year since I went vegan and it has gone so fast! I thought I would do a pretty popular type of post as I always find them interesting to read; I’ll warn you in advance that this is not going to be very insta-worthy stuff though, my food photography still leaves a lot to be desired. Without further ado, here’s what I ate today…


breakfastSo I woke up super excited that it was my 6 month veganniversary (I love celebrations of any sort) and wanted to do a big breakfast to celebrate. However, I am me and therefore my need to eat food quickly won out over elaborate pancake daydreams. My breakfast (in my favourite Frozen bowl) was oats with chocolate soya milk (literally just like cereal, not porridge or soaked overnight), topped with chopped strawberries, blueberries and a sprinkle of chia seeds. I added some cookie dough protein oats that I got at the Just V Show to add some more flavour and protein as well.

Mid Morning Munchies

chocolateI got bored whilst tidying my room and ventured into the kitchen to see if snacking could provide some motivation. This is one of my favourite chocolate bars from the co-op and it takes a fair amount of willpower not to eat the whole bar at once… I find the orange flavour really nice, and it reminds me more of a chocolate orange (due to the relatively low percentage) than of a sophisticated, fragrant dark chocolate bar!


lunchI’m actually really embarrassed to post this lunch online as it was such a mish mash of foods. Very beige foods that photograph badly. However, it tasted good and in the interest of full disclosure, here it is. A ciabatta bread roll from co-op, one half topped with mushrooms fried with garlic and the other topped with last nights leftover chips… fried up to make them crispy and then served with lots of brown sauce!

After this salt-fest I was craving something sweet so I had an Alpro go on yogurt with a co-op free from ‘jammy dodger’ crumbled into it.

Mid Noon Nosh

snackDue to it being the big 6 months I decided to treat myself in Holland and Barretts to some vegan goodies. One of these was these ‘chips’ and I am SO happy I tried these. Despite saying they’re sour cream and chive flavour, they tasted almost exactly like quavers, my all time favourite crisps pre-veganism! I have tried one of the plain/salted varieties from this brand and found them super bland so I’m really happy that I gave a different flavour a go!


dinnerFor dinner I had one of my favourite meals, stir fry! This was the Sainsbury’s basic stir fry veg mix with added broccoli, red pepper, mushrooms, ginger and garlic and the Blue Dragon chow mein stir fry sauce (with new packaging clearly labelling it suitable for vegans!!!). There are also some ribbon shaped rice noodles hidden in there somewhere. We didn’t have any tofu at home so I added in some cashew nuts for protein which were really nice (considering I’m not really much of a nut person) and added some extra texture to this dish. vegoI followed dinner up with another Holland and Barrett find, a Vego chocolate bar. I have tried this before and really liked it so I thought I would treat myself today! As you can see, this was eaten whilst walking the dogs.

So there we have it, everything I ate in a day as a vegan! In all honesty, my eating is usually a LOT less structured than this, with more snacking here and there between mealtimes. I hope you enjoyed this insight into my day and what I ate!

-Millie xox



5 thoughts on “What I eat in a day: 6 months vegan edition

  1. Congratulations on six months of veganism! That’s such a great accomplishment:) and all your food looks delicious, especially that stir fry at the end and the quinoa chips are some of my absolute favourites! Have a great weekend x


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