The Happy Pear Cafe- Greystones, Co Wicklow

When I was in Ireland in June seeing family, I was lucky enough to get to visit the Happy Pear cafe in Greystones, Co Wicklow. I enjoyed it so much that I wanted to share my experience here!

As we visited the cafe on a Saturday, we decided to leave early in case there was a lot of traffic. We left County Louth at about 8am and drove down to Greystones in County Wicklow. wicklow mountains (op)This was the furthest south I have ever been in Ireland and was fixated on the beautiful scenery of the Wicklow Mountains!

We arrived in Greystones around mid morning and drove down the main street looking for the cafe. It wasn’t hard to spot with it’s distinctive orange front and huge pear tree mural on the side! After parking the car (in the small pay and display car park next door)  we headed into the cafe for brunch. We were both slightly overwhelmed by the range of food on offer so it took us a while to decide! I had the chia seed pudding (made with rice milk, coconut yogurt, oats, chia seeds and topped with cacao nibs, strawberries and figs) and the berry kombucha, whilst dad decided on the avocado and tomato on toast with a cup of coffee (one of the best he had ever had). happy pear (op)

We ate upstairs in the ‘comfy seating’ which was very enjoyable. The cafe was pretty quiet at this time so we got a corner seat by the window. It was lovely to sit and soak up the chilled atmosphere, read the quotes hung around the room, people watch and enjoy the good food!

After we had eaten we decided to go and check out a small market being held in a local church. I treated myself to a vegan salted caramel slice, which was insanely delicious and I would love to try and recreate it at home!

We also visited the small shop attached to the cafe to look at the produce available. Unfortunately we were unable to buy anything as we had a flight later that day and only had hand luggage. However, this was made up for by getting to meet one half of The Happy Pear outside!

I would definitely recommend that anyone in the local area should make a visit to the cafe. This is now even easier due to the newly opened location in Clondalkin. However if you can’t get to Ireland, then The Happy Pear YouTube channel should provide you with enough delicious vegan food inspiration to get you by!

Let me know if you have been to the cafe and what you thought!





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