20 New Year’s resolutions that will help make the world a better place

new year

I know not everyone does, but I LOVE New Year’s resolutions. I love the idea of a new start, and the opportunity to leave the old year behind and start afresh. To me, New Year’s resolutions are about improvement and enrichment, so I’ve decided to share 20 resolutions that can help make the world a better place!

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Why December sucks.

Disclaimer: I’m actually pretty equally fond of all the months, and am not the total Scrooge this post will make me seem so please take this light heartedly!

Something slightly different today, a response post to the lovely Tabi’s ‘Why I love December…‘ Because I have to disagree, I think December SUCKS. Here’s my reasoning:

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Pizza Hut goes vegan??? A review

If you are vegan, pizza obsessed or read small scale news frequently, you may have heard that a while ago Pizza Hut were going to be trialling vegan cheese in 5 of their restaurants nationwide. Obviously the Vegan Gods were on my side that day, as one of the restaurant’s happened to be Crawley, 15 minutes away from me! As a vegan, pizza lover and owner of this blog, I knew I must shoulder the responsibility and go try the cheese… For the sake of the people.

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World Mental Health Day 2017

So as you may or may not know, today is World Mental Health Day. This day is recognised by the World Health Organisation as a day dedicated to starting conversations, raising awareness and bringing about change in mental health. Each year there is a theme for WMHD, this year’s being ‘workplace wellbeing‘.

As someone whose teenage years have been riddled with a variety of mental health issues, I thought I would use this day to share my tips and advice for mental wellbeing!

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When Breath Becomes Air: A Review

When Breath Becomes Air is a recent book by Paul Kalanithi. It documents his experience living with terminal lung cancer and his transition from doctor to patient. I finished reading this book last night and cannot stop thinking about it so where better to write my thoughts down than here? This is unlikely to be a conventional book review and more like a jumbled mess of thoughts, feelings and opinions so bare with me! Also, I cannot guarantee that this will be free from plot spoilers!

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What I eat in a day: 6 months vegan edition

So once again it’s been too long since I last posted, sorry! Hopefully my life should start settling down into a routine again soon enough…

Today I decided to do a post honouring a special day- my 6 month veganniversary! Yep, it’s been a whole half a year since I went vegan and it has gone so fast! I thought I would do a pretty popular type of post as I always find them interesting to read; I’ll warn you in advance that this is not going to be very insta-worthy stuff though, my food photography still leaves a lot to be desired. Without further ado, here’s what I ate today…

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