Starting Uni After a Gap Year

HAHA- so this post was actually written in February 2020 and then life got even crazier and now here I am editing and posting it in August 2021! It still feels like a worthwhile thing to post though so after a very long hiatus (sounds familiar, right?) here I am back again! Enjoy 🙂 

SO, it turns out starting uni is way more hectic than I thought it would be, with moving to a new city, living independently for the first time (properly), making a whole new friendship group, joining societies and obviously getting to grips with your course! I originally planned for this post to go up around Christmas after my first term, however I got completely side-tracked by spending the holidays in Ireland, my first exams and then two weeks on placement. But here we are, finally, talking about the realities of starting university after a gap year, or two…

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When Breath Becomes Air: A Review

When Breath Becomes Air is a recent book by Paul Kalanithi. It documents his experience living with terminal lung cancer and his transition from doctor to patient. I finished reading this book last night and cannot stop thinking about it so where better to write my thoughts down than here? This is unlikely to be a conventional book review and more like a jumbled mess of thoughts, feelings and opinions so bare with me! Also, I cannot guarantee that this will be free from plot spoilers!

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