Life Update: The Travel Blogger Who Doesn’t Travel?


I was reading back through some of my recent posts the other day and realised that if you don’t know me in real life (although lets face it, most of my readers do) I don’t really give much personal information away on here! So I thought it was about time to do a bit of a life update so you can learn more about the person behind the blog…

So the most obvious thing is that I’m recently home from 2 incredible months backpacking Australia, Singapore and Malaysia. Now I’m home again and struggling slightly with the cold weather, post travel depression and broke-ness. So most of my life at the moment is applying for new jobs and trying to pick up as many shifts as possible at my old lifeguarding job to refill my bank account!!!

After spending so long away from home (slightly unusually for a 19 year old, I LOVE being at home with my parents and animals) I’m not looking at doing any more travel for a while, and instead I’m just hanging out with my family, cuddling my dogs and catching up on home life.

So am I stopping travelling?!?! Heck no. For one, it’s kind of hard to be a travel blogger who doesn’t travel and two, travelling is pretty much what keeps me sane and happy. A couple of my new years resolutions were about travelling more inside the UK (much easier now I have my own car!) and also seeing more new countries in Europe. For the next few months my travel will be limited to city breaks and maybe some short weeks away. I’m currently in the middle of planning an epic 10 day roadtrip around Ireland for me and mum during the Easter holiday which I’m super excited about. After that it is only a couple of months until my biggest adventure yet… 3 months working in America! That’s right, I’ve gone cliche travel blogger and found myself a job working as a lifeguard at a summer camp in Pennsylvania. I’m so excited about this and love the look of the camp I’ve been hired by and have already booked my flights; flying to JFK in early June, returning mid September!

And when I come home? I’ve finally found the university course of my dreams and have confirmed my place to start in late September. I’ll be studying Cardiac Physiology (healthcare sciences) at the University of Southampton and I am beyond excited. Honestly I’d start tomorrow if I could. I’ve also been lucky enough to line up a week of work experience with a consultant in Cardiothoracic Surgery in May which I’m WAY too excited about and won’t stop telling everyone I meet about it.

Outside of this big-deal stuff, I’m hoping to spend the rest of my free time this year seeing some fab stuff on stage (seriously how much amazing stuff is coming to the West End this year?!), getting back into climbing and swimming before I start uni and saving up lots of money for America and uni!

Hopefully this gives you all a bit of an insight into what I’m up to at the moment and will be doing over the next few months… Let me know if you have any suggestions of how to fill all this free time or any recommendations of must-visit places in Europe or the UK!

-Millie xox

9 thoughts on “Life Update: The Travel Blogger Who Doesn’t Travel?

  1. What are you hoping to go into with your degree? Apologies if it is obvious but as a healthcare student myself, I am curious.
    Since I started working full time and not on a zero hour contract, I have had to limited my travel to weekends too but there are so many beautiful places I have never seen in England and Europe. Can you believe I have never been to Ireland?! xx

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    1. My degree will qualify me as a Cardiac Physiologist in the NHS:) I haven’t fully decided about sticking with that as a career or going for post graduate medicine, guess I’ll decide when I actually graduate!
      My family is Irish so I’ve been probably multiple times a year for my whole life but this will actually be one of my first times as a tourist so I’m super excited!!! Xx

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      1. I had to google it because I was so confused how you could be one without a medine degree! That makes sense, I know a few people who did research-type degrees before studying medicine. xx


  2. Have you ever been to Amsterdam? I think it’s a great place to go for a few days, you can really jam pack lots of museums into your trip. The Van Gogh gallery was my favourite. Do recommend ♥️

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  3. Omw how is your life so exciting?! I have always been interested in how people go backpacking and you did it in 3 countries? That is fun! And you are moving to USA soon? Great! I moved to New York 2 months ago to pursue my dream of being a travel blogger too haha, enjoy Pennsylvania, that’s an amazing state.
    Also, I don’t think you have to be a big traveler to be a travel blogger, even exploring your neighboring city is traveling ✨❤️


    1. I love backpacking so much!! Defo my favourite way to travel 😜 I’ll be living and working in the States for 4 months over summer, super excited! I’m sooo jealous of you moving to New York!! How long will you be there?💙

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