My Australia Packing List

If you follow my Instagram, you may have noticed that I recently embarked on my biggest trip yet: 2 months exploring Singapore, Malaysia and Australia! I’ve called this post Australia packing list simply as that’s where I’ll be spending the bulk of my time away and therefore is the climate/ environment that I’m mainly packing for. I have always enjoyed Googling other people’s packing lists when I’m going somewhere new to get ideas so I thought it was about time I wrote my own (and hopefully it will stop me forgetting anything!)

The Sensible Things:


-Print out of visa approval (you need an eVisitor to visit Australia from the UK)

-Boarding passes

-Copies of hostel and bus reservations

International cash card (I’ve always just used my debit card abroad in the past but for a longer trip I’m hoping this will save me some money in exchange/ transaction fees)

-Debit card

I carry all of this stuff (as well as some emergency extras like a pen, paracetamol, travel sickness medication and tissues) in my Better Together Daily Wallet. This is honestly the best thing ever and sooo useful for keeping everything important together and accessible when travelling.

Essential Bits and Bobs:


-Socket adaptor

-Earplugs/ eye mask

-Sleeping bag liner

-Metal water bottle

-Reading book (I will never convert to a Kindle, no matter how practical they are)

Lonely Planet travel guide



-Camera (I have the Sony a5000 which doesn’t seem to be produced any more!)

-Phone/ charger

-Portable charger


-Action camera+ waterproof housing


-1x loose long trousers (ideal for cooler days and visiting religious sites)

-1x black leggings

-1x black cargo shorts (super comfy and practical for travel days and hiking)

-1x denim shorts

-1x plain black t shirt

-1x nice long sleeve top

-1x black vest top

-4x day dresses

-1x thin jumper

-3x bikinis/ swimwear

-1x long sleeve rash vest

-2x short/t shirt pyjamas

-Underwear (I never count, just fill in all the extra space!)

-1x packable raincoat (apparently it rains in Australia, who knew?!)

-Sun hat

-1x slip on Vans


Max strength bug spray

Vitamin B12 spray (I’ve never travelled with this before but as I’m going for longer I thought I’d give it a go!)

-First aid kit with plasters, bite cream, medication

-Small body wash

-Small Conditioner

-Lush shampoo bar


Reef-safe suncream (super important in Australia to protect the marine life!)

-Moisturiser and lip balm

-Makeup bag with multi use eyeshadow palette and mascara

-Travel towel

To Buy Out There:

-Flip flops!

All of this will be packed into my go-to backpack for any trip which is a Lowe Alpine Manaslu (womens fit). This bag is big enough to hold everything I need and has loads of pockets which I like. It’s also not too bad to carry as it has well padded straps!

I hope this was interesting to read (lol). I will do an update when I return home about what stuff was useful, what I didn’t use and what I wish I’d bought!

-Millie xox


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