Growing up: what I learnt living alone

So I finally have gotten around to a second part in my ‘growing up’ mini series! (The first part can be found here) In February I was volunteering in Wales for 3 weeks, and spent a fair amount of this time living completely alone in the staff flat where I was staying. This was actually my first time ever staying somewhere completely alone and I definitely learnt a lot from the experience, which I have compiled into this post. I also just returned from 4 weeks of solo travel in America, so I have included some things I learnt over there as well!

  1. Living alone isn’t as scary as I thought.
  2. Routines help.
  3. Good friends don’t mind or find it weird if you call them just because you’re bored or lonely.
  4. Sending parcels is expensive.
  5. Use by dates are flexible to your needs.
  6. I like being a ‘housekeeper’.
  7. I’m way lazier than I thought.
  8. Having your own space is really nice.
  9. But having a space where I could have my dog would be even better.
  10. Being 100% reliant on public transport is harder than I expected.
  11. But being completely independent is quite nice.
  12. It’s always good to talk to (friendly) strangers if you feel alone.
  13. There’s nothing wrong with leaving all the lights on.
  14. I wake up naturally at around 8am no matter what time I go to sleep.
  15. Washing up is less painful if you do it straight after eating (or even whilst cooking).
  16. Being without internet makes you feel very isolated.

I know this is short and sweet but I enjoyed writing it, and I hope you enjoyed reading it! What do you like or dislike about living alone?

-Millie xox

4 thoughts on “Growing up: what I learnt living alone

  1. Haha ‘use by’ dates are basically ‘best before’ dates in student households! A few extra days won’t kill me. I actually was considering eating a yogurt the other day and just scraping around the mould that was growing. Thankfully common sense got the better of me. xx


  2. I hope you continue to have a lovely time 😉 It looks kind of exciting! And sometimes (friendly) strangers are nice to talk to. Maybe starting up a conversation in a shop or something like that is nice! I enjoy the fact that my social awkwardness has kind of left me now *=*
    Have a lovely day! 😊♥️
    Erin |


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