Why December sucks.

Disclaimer: I’m actually pretty equally fond of all the months, and am not the total Scrooge this post will make me seem so please take this light heartedly!

Something slightly different today, a response post to the lovely Tabi’s ‘Why I love December…‘ Because I have to disagree, I think December SUCKS. Here’s my reasoning:

The weather is rubbish.

December means the end of the golden days of Autumn and the start of cold, grey days with minimal sunlight. Ideally, December would be the month of white Christmas and soft, glittering snow but here in England it’s the month of sheet ice on the road and sludge on the pavements.

december weather


Somewhere along the lines, December and Christmas became synonymous with big spending. There’s the presents, the cards and stamps, the wrapping gear, the tree, the food, the alcohol, the travel… I love the sentiment of Christmas time but I hate the commercialism!

december crowds

Flu season really gets going.

Ah yes, December. The month of cold days and festivities where everyone likes nothing better than to gather together, with the central heating on and be merry. And yes, of COURSE all your coughs and sneezes are welcome too, it’s Christmas! The public health nerd inside me can’t not mention this point. At Christmas everyone feels obliged to socialise (office parties, friend reunions, family gatherings…) and spend time with others. However if you have the sniffles or worse, a better Christmas gift to everyone would be if you stayed home and recovered.



It brings out the worst in everyone.

December is stressful. Everyone reacts to stress differently, and for some, this means getting nasty. Just today I saw someone get knocked down by another driver in the Tescos car park because he stole the others parking place. I’m sure you’ve all heard horror stories of fist fights over turkeys and police security in supermarkets. No other month incites these kind of reactions in people!

december cat meme

The mass consumption of animals.

I’m morally obliged to mention this one, sorry. I won’t say much about it but I do encourage reading this poem by Shel Silverstein.

On a more positive note, I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas filled with lots of love and laughter. Check in with those you love, give to those who need it and fill your hearts with joy and your bellies with food.

Have a happy Christmas!

Lots of Love,

-Millie xox

4 thoughts on “Why December sucks.

  1. This is almost kind of similar to my seasons of the year post. I hate winter time in general, not just December.


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